Psychotherapists work with individuals, couples, families and groups to help them overcome a range of psychological and emotional issues. Psychotherapists use personal treatment plans and a variety of non-medical-based treatments to help them solve specific problems; or to treat mood disorders such as depression, OCD and anxiety.

Using talk therapy, they provide insight and use psychotherapeutic interventions to change distressing patterns of cognitions or behaviours that contribute to mood, anxiety or other problems. - OAMHP.

Our Psychologists

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Dr. Marna Zinatelli, C.Psych

Dr. Zinatelli's approach to treatment combines cognitive, behavioural and solution-focused strategies.

Cognitive strategies involve examining and changing thoughts that lead to problems in mood. 

Behavioural strategies involve the monitoring and changing of negative activity patterns. 

Solution-focused strategies involve identifying personal strengths/skills and using them to build solutions to personal difficulties.

Dr. Zinatelli is committed to the use of approaches that have been, and continue to be scientifically tested and supported. Cognitive-behavioural and solution-focused researchers provide ongoing evidence of effectiveness and recommendations for improvement.