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TCM acupuncture strives to put the body systems back in balance. Acupuncturists, through the skillful & careful placement of needles on “acupuncture points” (“xue” in Chinese), treat what we call “patterns of disharmony”. The end result is to clear the energy blockages and return the body to its normal flow and function. Personal health is about body balance and disease is the consequence of imbalance. An excess the wrong way leads to trouble in the body. Acupuncture is actually a gentle and effective way of bringing the body back into balance. The needles do not usually cause pain and the whole experience can bring about a sense of body calming. - IAAH.

Our Acupuncturist


Sonoko Shinoda
Registered Acupuncturist

Sonoko Shinoda, a registered acupuncturist in Ontario (R.Ac.) completed the Acupuncture Practitioner Diploma Program at the International Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ottawa, Ontario in 2020. A special interest in women’s health and well-being prompted her to continue to supplement her education through taking extra classes, apprenticeships and practicing Qigong and Taichi.


She is fuelled by her passion for offering her patients new insights into their health, helping them to discover and appreciate their unique qualities yet uphold their own values through introducing them TCM.


Interested in everyone, Sonoko treats both men and women. Being a woman herself, she has a particular interest in catering to women who have hormone-related ailments. As well, she enjoys facial rejuvenation acupuncture which helps women feel satisfied with their own bodies.

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