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Naturopathic medicine

By looking at the root cause of illness rather than just symptoms and promoting health and healing through natural therapies, naturopathic medicine is a successful non-invasive way to prevent acute and chronic illness as well as reduce reliance upon prescription medications (and all of their side effects). Think of it as your gateway to optimal health. From diet and exercise, to understanding your body’s unique chemistry, naturopathic medicine allows you to boost your immune system, prevent and treat both acute and chronic diseases and increase your energy level. - CAND.

Our Naturopaths


Dr. Sarah Goulding 

Naturopathic Doctor

My medical practice is data-driven and based on an extensive initial patient investigation, followed by structured root cause intervention. I practice by teaching my patients about the mechanism of why they feel as they do. By better understanding the “why” patients are empowered to create change. Conditions I treat include women's health, digestion, stress and burnout.




Dr. Kathy Van Zeyl 

Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Kathy is a Naturopathic Doctor with a special interest in sports medicine, pain management, adrenal dysfunction & mental health. Dr. Kathy's passion is people and her mission is medicine.  By taking a comprehensive, wholistic, and realistic approach, she helps her patients to maximize their health so they can live life to its fullest!

Ottawa Naturopath Tara Anchel WEB-22 (2)

Dr. Tara Anchel 

Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Anchel works with patients to identify the underlying cause of illness and create individualized treatment plans. Though a naturopathic Jill-of-all-trades, she focuses on and has pursued extensive continuing
education in digestive health and women’s hormonal health. Her treatment plans include clinical nutrition, botanical (herbal) medicines, acupuncture, and bio-identical hormones.

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